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The history of tea is certainly a fascinating narrative, spreading across multiple cultures over the span of thousands of years. Although many legends exist regarding the precise origins of this most valuable leaf, no one is sure of its exact natural and cultural origins. Fortunately one thing is clear, the nuance between a great cup of tea and an average tasting one is well defined. Indeed, one of the largest civilizations of the 16th century, the Persians, were serious consumers of coffee. When economic and practical factors had compelled a nation to look for a different national beverage, tea became the most natural alternative. Specifically, certain tea traders had stood out and changed the daily ritual of millions of people from drinking coffee to consuming tea. Which blends helped to transform a national custom from consuming coffee to tea? Our story begins here…



We've set out to source teas that will captivate the consumer as it did during Shah Abbas's era. Accordingly, our journey to create the perfect blends will be a ceaseless one. Our comprehensive understanding of the strata that comprise the industry in conjunction with our proficiency in procurement and distribution allows us to provide premium tea according to the consumer’s desire, in both quality and affordability. Indeed, our teas are not only full of antioxidants, but also, comprised of a spirit rather than just a simple flavor.  As Shah Abbasi Tea captivates the taste buds of tea connoisseurs around the globe we will remain faithful to our founding principle of delivering tea of the highest quality. 

Shah Abbasi Tea is a Registered Trademark of Nasseri Enterprises. 

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