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The Shah Abbasi Difference

Unlike other tea distributors, we specialize in factory-fresh, single-estate and single-origin teas. Our strategic partnership with Sri Lanka’s top producing tea plantations allows us to source and distribute some of the finest single origin farm fresh teas in the market. Indeed we take the meaning of fresh tea to a different level by employing a just-in-time production method in which we do not begin packing tea until our retail partners place an order. This process ensures that the consumer's tea is as fresh as logistically possible! Our handpicked teas are unblended, which means that each tea pack a consumer purchases is sourced from a single-origin thus containing the highest grade of tea for the most cost-effective price, which is seldom found in today’s market.  


The Tea Regions


Teas sourced from the Ruhuna region are usually characterized as being “low-grown”. Indeed, the tea plantations that occupy this region are mainly located near the coast of Sri Lanka, however, some of our Ruhuna teas are sourced from plantations that are near 2,000 feet above sea level. Tea from Ruhuna usually cultivate quickly, which in turn produces a dark cup of tea that can go well with milk. Our Ruhuna teas have a rich flavor with a unique hint of sweet malty notes.


Tea from the UVA region is so special that when it was introduced to the United States in the 1800s, its noble taste inculcated the habitual act of drinking tea among Americans. Teas produced from UVA tend to be darker than the usual Ceylon tea. Indeed during the hot summer months dry winds, coined the “Cachan” by natives, cause the tea leaves to become drier, which in turn brings out the intense flavor of the tea. Tea produced during these months are highly esteemed and award-winning.

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